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Welcome to my open door cooking experiences!

In PAPPARDELLE WITH OYSTER 'SHROOMS  we experience techniques of how to treat mushrooms technically, as well as visually.  Often in my experiences I ask all my guests to participate in the act of visualizing as much as they are asked to be mindful of their cooking tasks. We explore why we make certain cooking choices based on visual desires - because how it looks is equally important to an eating experience as much as how it’s built and tastes. 

Gather ingredients, join, and cook along to experience it yourself!

While the class is not technically heavy, it requires focussed attention and we will be moving at a cook along speed while also paying good attention to walking through steps. 


Investment : $60 per guest. Not per online connection.  

Minimum two guests required for class experience to run. 


When : Ongoing Wednesday Evenings at 6pm EST. 


LET'S DO THIS! Come hang out, bring along some friends, and let's have some social time cooking some beautiful food! 

Sign up, leave your email, and I'll be in touch to a collective group to give you your ingredients needs.  

Looking forward to hosting you as my guest!


Ciao for now. 

- J